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    Hotel Damanse

    En-suite rooms, LCD TV, hairdryer, digital safe, mini bar, air conditioning, veranda, use of the gym, secure parking, wi-fi service, Torre Marino beach transfer, railway station transfers from Tropea, S. Domenica or Ricadi.
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    The cuisine

    Calabrian cuisine is made up of so-called "strong" recipes and dishes, ranging from the simple to the refined and including local delicacies of unquestionable authenticity. You will savour delicious dishes based on traditional Calabrian dishes, prepared in keeping with the Mediterranean diet by a family-run business that has made hospitality a way of life.
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    The garden

    For a nature-friendly holiday, a beautiful garden creates an atmosphere of serenity. A green area of 8,000 m²: the hotel guarantees relaxation, it is nestled in a luxuriant nature rich in Cocos Australis, Palms, Cyicas, Cycas Circinalis and the rare Crestata, Echinocactus Grusonii, various succulents, Hibiscus and multicoloured flowers, just seven hundred metres from the sea.
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    Capo Vaticano

    The sea is of a turquoise-green colour, crystalline, so transparent that you can see the bottom and the shadow of the boats, and it stretches out over beaches of fine white sand. Visiting Tropea means falling in love with the place, witnessed by poets and enchanted painters, who never miss a visit to these shores, forever renewing their faith.

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Who we are

Our passion is reciprocated with results, we want to offer our customers everything we would like to find in a good hotel
“For the services and products we offer, we are not able to make bargain prices or sensational offers like some facilities, but we guarantee unlike these facilities: quality, cleanliness, kindness, helpfulness, professionalism and friendliness. We proudly say that our hotel is family-run.”

The hotel

was built according to modern criteria, within an area of 8,000 square meters: it is nestled in a lush nature rich in Cocus Australis , various species of Cycas including the “Male” one and the “Crested” specimen, fragrant trees of oranges e lemons , rare Hibiscus with multicolored flowers and numerous other plant species that can be called a true ” Botanical Garden ” only seven hundred meters from the sea.

All this, gives its guests the ideal climate for a rejuvenating vacation, during which it is possible to alternate between bathing, diving into a crystal-clear sea and sunbathing on the pristine beaches with white sand and wonderful cliffs, and undisturbed rest, caressed by the sea breeze and sheltered by the cool Mediterranean vegetation.

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