The Wines

Calabria is an Italian wine-making area of millenarian origins, whose history is waiting to be discovered and its qualities to be appreciated.

Wine List

The Greek colonists were the first to diffuse the vine, which was already present in this region, so much so that they named Calabria «ENOTRIA» that is «Land of Wine».

The wines of ENOTRIA were offered as an award to the winners of the Greek Olympics which took place every four years in Olympia. These exquisite, high-quality wines had characteristics which kept their taste unaltered, despite their long journey in terracotta amphorae from the Sibari harbor to the coasts of Greece.

Today in Calabria wines are produced from various vineyards from which are born very high quality labels. But in order to give prestige to its «Wine List » and follow the high level of cuisine, Hotel Damanse offers many other labels, fruit of a continual research aimed at discovering the most interesting realities of the national and international wine scene.