Hotel Damanse

foto3It’s a natural 8,000m2 area which acts as a frame to the hotel: the two structures built according to modern standards were designed in order to fully satisfy the need for relaxation, immersed in a luxuriant natural setting rich with Cocos Australis, Palma, Cyicas, Cycas Circinalis the rare Crestata, Echinocactus Grusonii, various succulent plants, Hibiscus and flowers of 1,000 colors, just 700 meters from the sea.

In other words, the best conditions for offering clients an ideal vacation, guaranteed by an informal atmosphere, during which they can alternate between diving into a crystalline sea and basking in the Sun on immaculate white sandy beaches and amazing sea cliffs, and enjoying undisturbed rest while being caressed by the sea breeze and in the cool of the shade of the Mediterranean vegetation.

The Damanse’s offer begins with comfortable rooms with TV, all with a private bath, Wi-Fi, mini bar and air-conditioning. The restaurant faces the garden: here you can enjoy the delicious dishes of a genuine, local cuisine, based on typical Calabrian dishes prepared according to the canons of a Mediterranean diet in a restaurant run by a family who has made hospitality a life style.

The familiar atmosphere, expressing its qualities in every moment, therefore becomes the secret of the success of this vacation oasis, suitable for young people, adults and children.

The hotel has a swimming pool, around which evenings take on a party feel. Besides the playground and guarded parking lot, there is even a free hotel shuttle to the beach, scuba diving lessons, or guided immersions, and a diving center. For those who don’t want to ignore their physique on vacation, starting this year, Damanse has a wonderful gym, equipped with the best machines, that it is making available to its clients.

The Damanse is just 6 km from Tropea and 3 km from Capo Vaticano: a privileged location, in the heart of Calabrian tourism, which increases the possibilities of visiting, for example, the numerous treasures of art and architecture, of traditions and folklore, remains of an important history the roots of which plunge into the Magna Graecia civilization.

Starting out from the hotel, you can discover day by day, the testimony of an ancient culture, in the fascinating nearby areas, of which the Damanse is the perfect hub: a treasure chest of beauty which opens up to the eyes of those wanting to discover it..

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