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The stretch Capo Vaticano coastline – Tropea is in a privileged position, allowing tourists to wander all along the Costa degli Dei and in the immediate surroundings of the Vibonese hinterland.

First and foremost, the Tyrrhenian coast itself, starting from Tropea (with its scenic and artistic delights, its historic centre, with its stately palaces that form a maze of alleyways), to Pizzo Calabro with Joachim Murat’s castle and the little church of Piedigrotta.

Besides the famous PGI Tropea Calabria red onion, farmed in the fields surrounding the Damanse Hotel, the nearby Poro plateau, with its peasant cottages, deserves special attention, when looking for food delicacies such as “nduja di Spilinga” (a spicy sausage to be spread on bread) and PDO Pecorino del Monte Poro.

The Calabrian hinterland is also very interesting, with an itinerary which, passing from the natural reserve of Lake Angitola, leads to Mongiana, to Serra San Bruno (site of the Certosa cloister convent), to the Jonico slope, decending down to “Cattolica di Stilo”, or climbing back up the coastline of Crotone (Capo Colonna, Le Castella).

By sea, further, comfortable mini-cruises allow you to visit the Eolie Islands, starting with Stromboli which, with its volcano, faces Capo Vaticano, at 32 nautical miles away. There are also easy excursions to Sicilia (Messina, Taormina, Etna, Cefalù).

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