The structure

Damanse Hotels

It is a green area of 8,000 square meters that frames the hotel: the two facilities, built according to modern criteria, are designed to fully meet the need for relaxation, immersed in lush nature full of Cocos Australis, Palms, Cyicas, Cycas Circinalis and the rare Crestata, Echinocactus Grusonii, a variety of succulents, Hibiscus and flowers of a thousand colors, just seven hundred meters from the sea.

The best conditions, in short, to offer guests an ideal vacation, guaranteed by a family atmosphere, during which bathing in a crystal-clear sea and sunbathing on the pristine beaches with white sand and striking cliffs is crowned by a regenerating rest, ensured by the caress of the sea breeze and the coolness of the Mediterranean vegetation.

The Damanse’s offerings start with comfortable rooms with TV, all complete with bathrooms, wi-fi. minibar and air conditioning. The restaurant room is in direct contact with the garden: here, you can enjoy the delicious dishes of a genuine, zero-mile cuisine based on typical Calabrian dishes, prepared according to the canons of the Mediterranean diet by a family management that has made hospitality a lifestyle choice.

The family environment, expressing its qualities at all times of the day, thus becomes the secret of the success of this holiday oasis, suitable for young people, adults, and children.

The hotel is equipped with a swimming pool, around which in the evening there are moments of celebration and sharing. In addition to a children’s playground and secure parking, diving lessons or guided diving, diving center. For those who on vacation do not want to neglect the physical and athletic aspect, from this year the Damanse provides its guests with a beautiful gym equipped with the best machines.

The Damanse is located just 6 km. from Tropea and 3 km. from Capo Vaticano-a prime location in the heart of Calabrian tourism that increases the range of opportunities. To visit, for example, the countless treasures of art and architecture, traditions and folklore, vestiges of an important history rooted in the Magna-Greek civilization.

Departing from the hotel, thus, it is possible and rediscovering day after day, the evidence of an ancient culture, in the fascinating nearby localities, of which the Damanse represents the ideal center of gravity: a treasure chest of beauty that opens to the eyes of those who wish to seek it out.